Tuesday, March 28, 2017

What's New For Mother's Day From Arianne's Joy Gift Shop!


Introducing the 'LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL' collection!

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As a mother, I know how nice it is to get thoughtful gifts for Mother's Day!
That's why I put a lot of work into designing my new printables and gift box.
I titled them 'Life Is Beautiful'. I have three children and they make my life
beautiful everyday. They are my inspiration for the title! 

For the design, I created four floral pattern pieces and one flower bouquet
graphic as the accent. The colors are blues, greens, yellows and reds. These printables 
can be used to create a beautiful party or make a thoughtful gift.


Crown mom with this pretty 'Life Is Beautiful' crown!
Comes with this adorable display sign that reads 'Crown Yourself'.
Also perfect for a birthday party! Give it to your guests as a party favor.

I created these beautiful tags reading 'Let Love Grow'.
You attach them to seed packets and give as a gift.
I love these! You can add them to your Mother's Day gifts.
Another idea...every year for my kids teachers I make them 
a gift basket. I add these to the basket, because it's almost summer
when I give it to them.

These 'Life Is Beautiful' tags are perfect for party favors!
Add ribbon and tie around your party favor. You can put them alone inside a gift bag. 
Add them to a gift basket or add to your table setting.

Create a beautiful banner for your party!
I created this banner so that you could use four solid floral pattern pieces,
and four pieces with a space for you to write a letter.
You can use the pieces to write whatever you want.

I love giving bookmarks as gifts!
Especially a pretty one! This is also one of the addition to
the teacher gift baskets I make every year. However, any book
lover would enjoy this beautiful bookmark!

I love this display sign I created! 
This would be so pretty hanging on your door or at your party!
It's the perfect 8x8 inch size to look adorable any where you hang it.

Flower garland always gets noticed at a party!
I created eight different patterned flowers for the garland.
You can create the flower garland all on it's own...
or you can alternate it with my banner pieces for a different look.

These beautiful invitations can be used for many different parties!
A tea party, Mother's Day party, birthday party, bridal shower and more.
A place for you to write the what, the when, the where and rsvp.

Beautiful party toppers to complete the party!
Use them to label food, party favors or even as a gift tag!
Line for you to write on.

I  couldn't resist putting the printables together to make a gift box!
Comes with the crown, seed packet and 'Life Is Beautiful' Display.
I added a garden scented candle, magnetic fluttering butterfly and my own 
homemade rose scented bath salts! Comes in the pine wood crate.

I also want to tell you about some up-coming events for April.
In honor of my daughter with Autism, I have two things planned. 
In case you didn't know, April is Autism month.
I have a fundraiser going on for Autism Speaks.
Also I am currently making a blue beaded knit purse...
(One of my other favorite pass times.)
and I will be donating 15% of my earning to Autism Speaks.
I am not quite done with it, but when I am...I will share it with you.

Life Is Beautiful!
XOXO, Arianne

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