Saturday, March 25, 2017

15 Pretty Flower Party Ideas: Pinterest Round-Up!


Want some inspiration for your Spring party?!
Whenever I am planning a party, I love going on Pinterest for some ideas!
Spring is such a fun time to plan a party...especially if you're a flower obsessed girl like me.
I went ahead and picked my favorite flower party ideas for you.
If you are short on time...I promise you, if you put all these ideas will have one beautiful, amazing party!

I hope you love these ideas as much as I do!


(These photo are pins from Pinterest. I do not own them...I am just sharing them with you.
Click on the image or title to go to the pin and save!)

*Make it special and different by using cupcakes instead of a cake. Alternate the cupcakes with flowers to make it beautiful!

*Use this easy technique of creating floating flower centerpieces. Sliding bubble wrap under each flower so they will float in the water. These will look gorgeous on the tables or even on your buffet table!

*Your guests will be so delighted when they see these on the table! They are easier to make than you think...and they serve as party food and party decor. Who doesn't love a party idea with two services!

*I choose this pin, because I love how they came up with the idea of crowns for her and him. It is such an adorable idea. Adding the sign 'crown yourself' was a nice touch. Love this idea!

*How cute is this idea?! The invitation is written on the flower leaf. It would be so adorable to hand out flowers that are actually invitations!

*This is such a fun idea that everyone will love! Make them yourself and impress your guests. This would also be great to add to your thank you for coming gift bags!

*This pin gives me so ideas for party food. Using a flower cookie cutter has so many possibilities. 


*This pin bring you to an easy diy tutorial. Adding this to the table would bring it up a notch. Worth the work if you're into it.

*I love this idea especially for a tea party. You will be surprised at how much guests love having a flower in their drinks! So pretty and charming!

*This idea speaks to my inner bohemian. It's magical and pretty! Pick out a beautiful ribbon to tie around the jar, hang and add some gorgeous flowers. Love it!

*This is so creative. Rolling the napkins and adding some greenery create the illusion of roses.

*Imagine how excited your guests will be to see their name on their party favor?!
You could make them yourself or visit an etsy shop like the one on the pin link. I love how this etsy shop owner used rainbow colored bags!

*This is my favorite idea!! I have never seen this idea before and I love it!
Placing each name place card with a seed packet...and adding the sign 'Please be seeded'. 
Doesn't get any sweeter than that!

*If you are planning a flower theme party, flower seed packets are the perfect party favor.
Adding a sign like this one stating 'Please plant these flowers and watch them bloom, just like the love of the bride and groom'. Or 'Let Love Grow'...simple and sweet!

*I love this idea! Not only will your guests love looking at the photos, but it will be extra special for 
the guest of honor. 

Have a beautiful party!
XOXO, Arianne

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