Wednesday, February 1, 2017

My At-Home Preschool!


Let me show you around my at-home preschool!
My youngest is turning 3 this month and I am exciting about teaching her 
preschool for the next few years!

Welcome to my at-home preschool!
Let me show you around...

*Our calendar with fun embellishments!
I put velcro dots on the four top embellishments, so I could easily trade them out!
This calendar was a Wal-mart find. Only $9.99 for 153 pieces!! In the back-to-school section.
*Sesame Street Bullentine Board!
Found these cute bullentine board cut-outs at the Dollar Store!
They have a wonderful section just for teachers.
(Printables available at the bottom of the post!)
*The weather and days of the week I found at Target in the 'SPOT' section.
Only $3 each! 

I added a storage shelf to the wall.
Top shelf has:
*An Activity Tub!
I love this idea!! I will be using this to put preschool activities that go along with our curriculum.
Check out this pic for an example...(from smartEpartE)

I love this because it's a space saver and it makes it easier to create activities
that go along with the curriculum!

Extra calendar pieces for easy access.

*A Song Box!
An index card box full of index cards that had different songs written on them!
I thought it would be fun to randomly pull out a song instead singing the same songs over and over again!

*This draw will hold all the 'seasonal' craft supplies!

I picked up some supplies at the Dollar Store for her to make a fall wreath!
That will be a fun fall craft that we can hang up and she can see it!

On the bottom:
*A Singing Basket!

I found this idea on Pinterest. Having 'props' to go along with your
songs and nursey rhymes!
For example: The toy Elmo bus can be held while singing 'The Wheels On The Bus'!

*A preschool daily workbook!
This workbook is so cute and helpful.
Find the free download here: ONEBEAUTIFULHOMEBLOG

*An art easel!

I super glued two clothes pins to the top so that I could attach paper 
or a poster for a paint project.

*A folder file crate!

To help me stay organized. I will keep worksheets, printables, books to read
that week and small baggies of activities.

*A sensory table!

I used rice, as water would have been a hazard with the kitchen floor.
Plus I did not want to worry about her getting all wet.
I am planning to add themed toys in here each week.
Maybe some fake apples for apple week?!

*A colorful 'Welcome' banner!

I will probably change this out for other seasonal banners, but for back-to-school
season it seems appropiate!

*My Art Wall!

I picked a wall in the hallway to use screws, clothes line rope and clothes pins to create this.
I love how I can hang 9 papers to display!

*Arts and Crafts Supplies!

This is the island in my kitchen. I organized and labeled all the supplies.

*File Drawer for Curriculum!

This 3-drawer plastic container is perferct for me to file curriculum for this week,
next week and this month.
It will be such a big help to stay organized!

*Dress Up Center!

I made a quick and easy dress up center by adding hooks into the wall.
Then adding the clothes and accessories. Making sure the kids could reach them.

*A Library Center!

Using 9-cube shelves to hold books and dvds to create a library.

*Puppet Play Center!

We had this already, because my son loves being a puppetier!

*A Play Kitchen!

A birthday present for my three year old.
She is the ultimate pretend chef!!

*Babydolls and Toddler Table!

Baskets of babydoll toys are tucked away, but are easy to take out.

*Labeled Toy Shelves!

To help keep it all organized and neat!

*A Cozy Reading Couch!

Well, this used to be my daughter's crib...but she has a big girl bed now.
I converted it into a couch and the kids love it!



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