Thursday, January 19, 2017

White Crayon Reveal Watercolor Mittens

This week we finish up our winter theme for our home-school preschool. Next week we start our hibernating animals theme and go into our Valentine theme for February. We had done plenty of snowflake and snowman crafts, so I wanted to do something else. Both of my preschool girls love to paint. So I went with the WHITE CRAYON REVEAL WATERCOLOR MITTENS. This craft is fun, because I don't tell the girls what I drew on their paper. I like to see them slowly paint and discover the fun!

HOW-TO: Take a white piece of paper and use a white crayon to draw mittens. Then use watercolors to reveal your mittens. Allow to dry and cut out the mittens. Hole-punch the top of the mittens and add to string.

So fun when the girls see whats hiding on their paper!

So cute once they are cut out and strung on!!


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