Thursday, January 19, 2017

Bohemian Style Bedroom Make-over

My oldest daughter wanted to make-over her bedroom. She is obsessed with all things bohemian...(and so is her mom, so I don't mind!). So we went on Pinterest to start getting ideas. We looked at items we had at home and some diy projects we could do. It was the perfect thing for some mother-daughter well as creating a pretty room!

We decided to start with paint color and bedspread choices. We headed over to Home Depot and looked at paint colors. I wanted to let my 12 year old pick the color first to see what she wanted. Turns out she has great taste because this was the first color she picked! I love's from BEHR and it's called 'TROPICAL TRAIL P320-3'. We only painted one wall. It is a trick I use in small rooms to make them appear bigger. The bedspread I got from Made by a company called 'Boho Boutique'. We also got the two flower pictures from Target as well, but in-store.

We also grabbed the purple night stand, folding chair and wooden arrow sign at Target. She loves this's a great spot to curl and read a book. The wooden arrow sign also has hooks on it for hanging things. Currently it has diy doily dream-catchers hanging from it that we made later on. From the ceiling we have a firefly chandelier garden lights. It's cool, because it doubles as her night light! 

For the nightstand, a porcelain peacock with all the right colors...her rhinestone mirror and comb from Disney World and a blue/white china coaster.

The dark wood cube shelves and pretty cubes are also from Target. We used these to put her art supplies and toys.

Who doesn't love a little teal furniture to brighten up the room?! (Also guessed it...Target.) We put her knick-knacks in here and her jewelry box on top.

A place to hang her archery bag.

Her dream-catcher she made...

Hope you enjoyed this make-over as much as we did!

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