Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Redecorating the Playroom: Tent-bed & Glass Milk Jar Lights

This past Monday I finally had a chance to clean the kids playroom. For me, that always means rearranging, reorganizing and moving stuff around. (I can't help's what I We live in a two bedroom apartment with three kids. So my hubby and I decided to give the three kids the master bedroom, because well...where else are they going to fit?! The two older kids share a bunk- bed and my three year old has been sleeping in her crib. So I decided that it was time for her to upgrade to a toddler bed.
(before picture)

This is how the room looked before. I wanted to get rid of the shelves of toys to make more room to play. So came up with the idea to reorganize my closet so that the kids shared a clothes closet with us. That way their closet was free for all the toy shelves. 

(Our closet with everyone's clothes combined.)

We used two long metal racks on top. The very top rack I used for my purses and scarves. The second metal rack I bought deep buckets to hold each person's shoes. (Of course mama had three buckets for her Then we put two 9-cube shelves side by side. Each person had one cube for pants, one cube for shirts and one cube for underwear and socks. We also had a cube for dresses, sweaters, etc. I loved this, especially when putting the laundry away! Everything in one closet!!

(The kids closet all organized!)

For the kids closet we had one side with 'Closet-Maid' shelves and the other side with two 'Closet-Maid' 9-cube shelves on top of each other. We filled the cubes with all their books, puzzles and electronic toys. The shelves were filled with the rest of the toys. 

Now that the room was open and clean...I got to work taking the crib apart. I took the crib out leaving the mattress and put the tent together. This tent is from Target and I love the bright colors. It has a lantern inside that has stars shining in multi-colors when you turn it on. 
(Her tent-bed using her mattress from her crib.)

My next idea was to give the room some more lighting. I wanted it to be fun and almost magical. One wall in the room is painted as a rainbow. I had some Christmas lights that were rainbow colored...the wheels in my head started turning. Then I came up with the idea to hang old-fashioned glass milk jars on the wall and fill them with the Christmas lights to almost resemble a lantern!

I love these ideas, because they helped me save some money AND they are so adorable!

My daughter has been spending a lot more time in her room since them. She also successfully slept in her tent-bed all week. The playroom looks so charming...
What do you think?!

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