Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Book Review: Harry's Spooky Surprise!


By N.G.K
Illustrated by Janelle Dimmett

Who else loves new books to read with the kids?!
It is always nice to have a new read to enjoy with the kids. Goodness knows you can get tired of the 'regulars'!! When I was asked to review this book, it peeked my interest because I LOVE Autumn!
Plus it helps to have a cute mouse on the cover!

This morning before school, we had some time to sit and read the book.
The kids got comfortable on my bed and I started to read...

Right away the kids thought Harry was a cute character. I thought the font was adorable with its cute curls. The opening lines are a little confusing, especially for the kids. 'On the crest of a wave and the wisp of the wind. Harry The Mouse is thinking spooky things'. They weren't quite sure what that meant, although I thought it sounded charming. However, after you turn the page you are draw into what Harry is up to.

I really enjoyed the tiny details the illustrator added into the drawings. The birdhouse on the fence, the shooting stars in the sky, the little squirrel in the tree... I also liked how the pictures made you feel cozy with it's deep colors. I like how the author gets the kids attention with the mystery of 'who is blocking the track?!'. The kids get excited and want to figure it out before you turn the page. I liked when the author used cute rhyming like ''Of course!' said the Frog, 'But why do you need that?' It seems rather odd, a chair as big as that". I also enjoyed that fact that-SPOILER ALERT- he is going through all the trouble to do something nice for his wife. That was a very sweet ending!!

Somewhere in the middle of the book, you seem to get lost in the words. Harry is having a conversation with the Mole and then he is suddenly talking to the Bat, even though technically he was talking to the Cat at the beginning of the conversation. It seems a bit jumpy and needs to flow nicer to be understood. 

I thought the book was very charming and cozy. It has some interaction for the kids to enjoy. The length of the book is perfect for a cozy Autumn night! Not too long, but not too short. Took us about ten minutes with our added conversation about the pages. The overall story line is cute. The artwork is detailed and adorable. I give it 5 stars!! I recommend this as your new book for Autumn...the kids will enjoy it!

XOXO, Arianne

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