Arianne was born in the mountains of Denver, Colorado. She spent most of her childhood living in Virginia. She spent her days as a child riding her bike, playing with her dolls and catching grasshoppers along side her four brothers. She would also enjoy watching her mother sew. Her mother made all her clothes; as well as quilts, dolls and wall hangings. This had a great impact on her and Arianne grew a love for creativity.

She settled in New Hampshire where she met her husband Denis. They now have three beautiful children that all inherited her creative gene. As a family they enjoy the seasonal fun New Hampshire has to offer. Their favorite things to do are visiting the farms, relaxing at the beach and hiking in the beautiful New Hampshire mountains.

Her ancestors descend from the Abenaki tribe of Vermont. Her great, great grandfather was a French-Canadian who married a medicine woman from the tribe. They stayed in Vermont where they owned a farm. Her great grandfather worked as a calligrapher. Spending his days hand writing beautiful letters. Her grandfather was a very talented man. He handcrafted ships in glass bottles, made creations out of soda cans, made art out of string and nails, and created butterfly mosiacs. Her mother is a renowned seamstress and creations extraordinaire. The talent on her mother's side runs deep and for that she is thankful!
Arianne is a self-taught artist. Although she uses techniques that she learned from her computer graphics classes and cosmetology school. She has always had a fondness for watercolors and flowers. However, it was not until she turned 35 years old that she picked up a paintbrush and tried out watercolors. She found a wonderful new way to focus and relax. Her desire to paint has been strong ever since!
She has a love for rainbow colors, flowers and nature that show through her creations.
She uses watercolor and acrylics paints and favors bright, rainbow colors. She hopes to bring joy to others through her work. 
She currently spends her days laughing and creating with her kids, sprucing up the house, sharing a 
'heartbeat' with her husband, hand crafting pretty things in the daytime sunshine and painting at night under the stars .

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